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12:39pm 04-06-2015
Mike. True, Syndicate should have been there

Kevin, sorry for not having any pictures of you...
3:02am 03-16-2015
Mike Diskett
I didn't see Syndicate in your best Amiga games, or PC game list. What is going on?

The only thing stopping me from unsubscribing is that you mention Turrican 2.
1:42pm 10-10-2013
Kevin Ford
Liking the site little bit sad that I didn't see me in any pictures though ha.
7:40am 08-02-2013
Nice page I will look there from time to time. Thanks.
9:41am 07-22-2013
11:41pm 03-18-2012
Eg va her å sneig! Ha ein fin kveld! Å lykke t vidare me jobb å alt!
10:30am 03-16-2012
Hey Chand, heard a lot about you from my mom. Keep up the good work
10:15pm 11-08-2009
sven kalmar
hey i hope to put out some music, things ive written etc, interviews, some of my wifes great paintings..kayaks, angle grinders.....instruments...
thanks anyway for taking a look......
all the best Sven K
4:59pm 11-08-2009
Sven Kalmar
12:02pm 09-11-2009
the other half
Nothing you say or do, surprises me village!!

whats gan on??
1:02am 04-02-2009
Knight - Moon
du bist!
10:59pm 03-31-2009
Bist ich schizo ??
7:45pm 11-22-2008
Hei,jeg har venninda på besøk,hun har sett bilder av deg og sa du er veldig kjekk!men jeg skal ikke feste i jul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:55pm 07-24-2008
Jens Illing
Hey mein Freund!!!!
Erinnerst du dich noch an Mazedonien???
Hier ist Jens ...the bigesst Wichsenmaster of the World!!!
Please answer...Your biggest Wichsenfriend JENS
12:55pm 06-09-2008
Nå må du få publisert bilder av det nye hjemmet ditt, bil + litt kir
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